Income inequality in Bangladesh reaches very

12 Nov 2022

The country’s per capita income is expected to more than double in seven years in the next financial year, with an equitable economic progress seeming more elusive.

The economy has grown amid worsening inequality, said economists on Monday, a day after finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal on Sunday projected, to highlight the economic  progress under the present regime, that the country’s per capita income would reach $3,089 in the financial year 2022–23. 

The country’s gross domestic product would also exceed the milestone of half a trillion US dollars in the same financial year, added the finance minister.

The country’s per capita income, calculated on the basis of the gross national income at current prices, was $1,466 in the financial year 2015-16.       

Economists noted that the steady economic growth in terms of per capita income was largely benefitting only a few people, demonstrating a highly unequal distribution of the economic gains over the years.


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