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Editor's Note: The Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy (BJPE) accommodates only the selected papers submitted for publication. The articles are critically reviewed by internal and external reviewers with endurance and finally concurred by the Editorial Board for publication.

This volume contains articles that combine astute theoretical arguments with a firm grip on practical situations, including institutional possibilities and limitations. This wide-ranging volume brings together research articles that deserve the respect of prudent readers.

Undoubtedly, we acknowledge that inequality, deprivation, and multifaceted poverty are still prime challenges for Bangladesh. This volume will help us to realise that inclusive development is not the outcome of a single aspect; but a combination of elements, including the improvement of physical, human, and social capital, the reduction of inequality, and the establishment of institutions enabling the information flow essential to market performance.

COVID-19 created palpable panic around the world. I hope this volume will help to monitor the current global situation and practice from a broad-based interdisciplinary perspective. Besides, it will keep arduous and interested writers in touch with the cutting-edge issues of lasting human development, thinking action, and sound strategies. More importantly, we are sure that the papers are innovative and thought-provoking, written by a galaxy of scholars and young, dynamic and masterly authors. This Journal, as expected, will be an essential resource for the relevant social science faculties and research institutions, policymakers and analysts, graduate teachers, researchers and practitioners intended to build a 'Decent Society.'

The reviewers and members of the Editorial Board of the Journal nudged us along, overseeing all aspects of this Journal with customary diligence and editorial vision. Including the credible authors, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all of them. It might be worthwhile to remember Lord Byron's words: 'The best prophet of the future is the past.'

Abul Barkat, Ph.D
Editor, Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy; President, Bangladesh Economic Association

Volume 38Number: 1

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Front Matter

(pp. 1-11)


Willingness to Pay for Improving River Water Quality: Do Households’ Environmental Attitudes Matter? Md. Ariful Islam, Md. Mijanur Rahaman, Siti Aznor Ahmad

(pp. 39-54)

DOI No: http:/

Understanding Income Inequality in Rural Bangladesh: Evidence from Household Level Survey Data Md. Mijanur Rahaman

(pp. 55-64)

DOI No: http:/

Protein Price Change in Bad Event and A Hedge Against Loss in Agribusiness Rezaul Hoque

(pp. 65-70)

DOI No: http:/

Revisiting the Existence of J-Curve Effect Between Bangladesh and USA Mohammad Shafiur Rahman Chowdhury

(pp. 71-82)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of FDI on Exports and Employment in Bangladesh Md. Mamun Miah, Shapan Chandra Majumder

(pp. 83-102)

DOI No: http:/

Push and Pull Factors of Women Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: A Principal Component Analysis Nasrin Islam, Foyasal Khan

(pp. 103-124)

DOI No: http:/

Challenges in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices in Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Private industries Sujan Kanti Biswas, Bidduth Kanti Nath, Subhankar Chowdhury

(pp. 125-142)

DOI No: http:/

Maximising Demographic Dividend for Bangladesh: Policy Support, Investment Requirements to Transform the Opportunity into Reality Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil, Partha Sarathee Ghosh, Syed Asrarul Haque

(pp. 143-156)

DOI No: http:/

From Ashes to Achievements: Corruption is pulling back one of the achievement tools (FDI inflows) in Bangladesh Shapan C. Majumder, Farjana Layla

(pp. 157-180)

DOI No: http:/

Transforming Single Crop System into Double Cropping Pattern in Upper Catena of Haor Area: An Approach to Increasing Cropping Intensity, Productivity and Profitability M. Mohiuddin, M. F. Hossain, M. N. Sarker, Q. Naher, S. Ishtiaque

(pp. 181-190)

DOI No: http:/

Single-Digit Interest Rate and Future of Bangladesh Economy: A Brief Analysis Lizon Mia, Ankan Chandra Dey, Md. Tanjil Hossain

(pp. 191-198)

DOI No: http:/

Developing Gold and Jewellery Sector in Bangladesh: Problem Identification and Policy Recommendation Sonjoy Chakraborty

(pp. 199-230)

DOI No: http:/

How Efficient are Commercial Banks in Bangladesh? Evidence from the Stochastic Frontier Approach Md. Fazle Fattah Hossain, Md. Abdul Wadud

(pp. 231-242)

DOI No: http:/

Transformation of Waste into Energy in Pabna Municipality Area of Bangladesh: An Economic Valuation Md. Hafiz Iqbal, Md. Aminul Islam

(pp. 243-254)

DOI No: http:/

Bangladesh and the World: In 2050 and beyond Md. Anisur Rahman

(pp. 255-274)

DOI No: http:/

Provision for Lifelong Employment: A Means of Earning Sustainable Livelihood Kazi Muzafar Ahammed

(pp. 297-318)

DOI No: http:/

Income Inequality and Poverty in Pabna Municipality, Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis Md. Enamul Haque

(pp. 319-332)

DOI No: http:/

Women Entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprises: Failures and Remedies Tasnim Sultana, Bidduth Kanti Nath, Sujan Kanti Biswas

(pp. 333-352)

DOI No: http:/

Climate change and vulnerabilities of women: Voices of the victims in Dhaka City Radia Tamim

(pp. 353-366)

DOI No: http:/

Economic Impact of Climatic Catastrophes among Penniless Communities in Bangladesh Shishir Reza , Rajibur Rahman

(pp. 367-384)

DOI No: http:/

Nutritional and Recreational Benefits of Roof Top Gardening: An Empirical Evidence from the Selected Households of Dhaka City Sanzida Tabassum, Md. Saidur Rahman

(pp. 385-394)

DOI No: http:/

Evaluating the Energy (Power) Security in Bangladesh Mohammad Mohidul Islam

(pp. 395-402)

DOI No: http:/

Responses of Fishermen to Climate Change in the South-Western Coastal Regions of Bangladesh Md. Enamul Haque

(pp. 417-426)

DOI No: http:/

Predetermined History of War Economy Md. Bayazid Sarker

(pp. 427-436)

DOI No: http:/

The Significance of Sadri Language in the Socio- Cultural Context of the Oraons in Bangladesh Shahedul Halim Kazi, Mohammad Sharif Ul Islam

(pp. 459-474)

DOI No: http:/

Dynamics of Dichotomy and Conflict in Religion and Education: Historical and Current Context of Bangladesh Kazi Sameeo Sheesh

(pp. 475-494)

DOI No: http:/

Revisiting the Myth of Revolution, Civil War and Social Disorders in Doctor Zhivago Taskia Haq Lyric

(pp. 495-508)

DOI No: http:/

Determinants of SME Business in Mymensingh Md. Tanjil Hossain

(pp. 509-520)

DOI No: http:/

GDP Impact & Economic Analysis of Dhaka Chittagong Expressway: The Case of Bangladesh Shamema Akter

(pp. 521-550)

DOI No: http:/

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