Challenges in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices in Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Private industries


Sujan Kanti Biswas

Bidduth Kanti Nath

Subhankar Chowdhury

Journal: Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy

(pp: 125-142) | Doi No: http:/



The prime objective of this study is to examine the challenges to CSR practices and remedies to overcome these. Data were collected from 30 executives of different private enterprises through printed questionnaires to fulfil the study’s objectives. Respondents were also interviewed wherever and whenever possible. The study uses means, standard deviations, and cross-tabulation of different respondents’ responses on identical issues to analyse and interpret the data. An important finding of the study is that sampled companies are   well concerned regarding challenges to CSR practices. Important steps like increasing awareness programs, governmental support, making pertinent rules and regulations and ensuring their implementation, and nurturing a positive attitude towards CSR practice could effectively remove the current challenges to the CSR practices in Bangladesh. The most important implication of the study is that the business organisations, governments, policymakers, and managers may consider the study’s findings in their policy-making and business practices. Implications and future research directions are also discussed in the study.



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