Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy Volume 38, Number 2

Editor’s Note

The Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy (BJPE) accommodates only the selected papers submitted for publication, complying with the BJPE publication policies. Accordingly, this volume (Vol. 38, No.2, December 2022) of the Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy contains selected papers presented at the 21st Biennial Conference of the Bangladesh Economic Association and Regional Conferences (held in Mymensingh, Chattogram, and Rangpur), and papers submitted as part of the regular submission process.

Articles on this issue cover multifaceted areas of the political economy. The diverse areas include tax and income inequality vis a vis inclusive growth (by A J Pathan, S Ahmed and MH Kabir), the transformation of agricultural farming vis a vis farmer’s livelihood (by I J Nishu, M S Rahman and S M M H Noman), worker’s savings and safety (by M A Islam and A K M A Patwary), development impact of agricultural policies (by MS Rahman, RA Juice and M M F Shuvo), opportunities and challenges of spatial Macroeconomy (by M Hasan and MA Habib), laws vis a vis non-performing loans of commercial banks (by S M A Zaker), NGOs vis a vis poverty reduction (by H Rahman and M A M Asad), microcredit and women’s empowerment (by A Rahman and M A H Bhuiyan), father’s role in reducing violence against children (by I Khan and SS Imtiaz), determinants of perceived insecurity among victims of crime (by Abonti Barkat), paradox of social changes (by Kamrunnahar and AK Ghose), new industrial revolution’s lessons for Bangladesh (by N Zaman and G M R Islam), entitlement failure as disparity and struggle for justice (by A J Chowdhury), China’s Renminbi as global currency (by M S Hossain and C Ara), and freshwater resources in agricultural sector (by Sayed Jubair Bin Hossain).

We hope that the accompanying Issue will be an essential resource for social science faculties and research institutions, development agencies, policymakers and analysts, graduate teachers, and researchers who intend to learn about the political economy of development.

We express our indebtedness to the authors, reviewers, members of the Editorial Board, and others who have contributed to raising the standard of this issue.

Abul Barkat, PhD
Editor, Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy;
President, Bangladesh Economic Association

Volume 8Number: 2, December 2022

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Impact of High Tax Gap and Low Tax-GDP Ratio on Income Inequality in Bangladesh: Emphasizing Inclusive Growth Abdul Jalil Pathan, Shahed Ahmed , Md. Humaun Kabir

(pp. 1-25)

DOI No: http:/

Transformation of Rice Farming to Commercial Farming in Mymensingh: An Empirical Evidence Based on Farmer’s Livelihood Patterns Ismat Jerin Nishu, Md. Saidur Rahman, S M Mehedy Hasan Noman

(pp. 25-52)

DOI No: http:/

Assessing Savings Position for Financial Safety of Ready Made Garments Workers in Bangladesh Md. Aynul Islam, A K M Asaduzzaman Patwary

(pp. 71-98)

DOI No: http:/

Role of an NGO in the Poverty Reduction of the Char Dwellers in Kurigram District, Bangladesh Md. Habibur Rahman, Md. Asaduzzaman Mandol Asad

(pp. 99-114)

DOI No: http:/

Paradoxical Social Changes in Bangladesh Kamrunnahar , Supad Kumar Ghose

(pp. 115-128)

DOI No: http:/

Situating Bangladesh in the New Industrial Revolution: Adopting Lessons from Developed Countries Nashia Zaman, G. M. Rashedul Islam

(pp. 129-142)

DOI No: http:/

Evaluation of Agricultural Policies and its Impact on Agricultural Development in Bangladesh Mohammad Saidur Rahman, R. A. Juice , Md. Mahir Faisal Shuvo

(pp. 143-174)

DOI No: http:/

Determinants of Perceived Insecurity among Victims of Crime in Bangladesh Abonti Barkat

(pp. 175-198)

DOI No: http:/

Entitlement Failures in Pakistan (1950-1971): A Tale of Disparity and Struggle for Justice Ahmed Javed Chowdhury

(pp. 199-122)

DOI No: http:/

Dinajpur’s Macroeconomic Landscape: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges Mehedi Hasan, Md. Ahsan Habib

(pp. 213-228)

DOI No: http:/

China’s Renminbi as a Global Currency: An Appraisal Md. Sazzad Hossain , Chasme Ara

(pp. 229-242)

DOI No: http:/

Understanding the Role of Fathers in Rural Bangladeshi Households to Reduce Violence Against Children Ishrat Khan , Sayed Saikh Imtiaz

(pp. 243-260)

DOI No: http:/

Empowerment of Rural Women through Microcredit Programme of BRAC Arifa Rahman , Md. Alamgir Hossain Bhuiyan

(pp. 261-296)

DOI No: http:/

Freshwater Resources and the Agricultural Sector Sayed Jubair Bin Hossain

(pp. 297-328)

DOI No: http:/

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