Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy

Volume 37 Number 2 December 2021

Editor's Note: The Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy (BJPE) accommodates only the papers submitted and selected for publication. The articles are critically reviewed by internal and external reviewers with endurance and finally concurred by the Editorial Board for publication. This comprehensive volume combines some research articles presented at the 21st Biennial Conference of Bangladesh Economic Association-2021 titled "Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Development".

Apart from the loss of human life, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in organised human society's economic, social and political dimensions. Historians might look back at the Corona Virus pandemic of 2020 as a defining moment of the twenty-second century. A great reset is imminent to overcome the disastrous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, we need enlightened persons and institutions who will lead the reset to build a decent society and mould the ideas to transform human deprivation into a humane development.

This Journal will help to monitor the current global situation and practice from a broad-based interdisciplinary perspective. Besides, it will keep arduous and interested writers in touch with the cutting-edge issues of human development, thinking action, and sound strategies. More importantly, we are sure that the papers are thought-provoking, written with the best endeavour by a galaxy of scholars and young, dynamic and masterly authors. This Journal, as expected, will be an essential resource for social science faculties and research institutions, development agencies, policymakers and analysts, graduate teachers, and researchers intended to contribute toward a 'Decent Society.'

I hope this BJPE Issue will help us share knowledge about pandemic-mediated development, dispelling some of the prevalent misinformation and ideas and sensitising readers to the threat of infectious diseases. We owe an enormous collective debt to the courageous, conscientious health workers and people from all walks of life worldwide at the forefront of the battle to contain COVID-19.

The credible authors and the learned reviewers have toiled much to raise the standard of this volume. Members of the Editorial Board reviewed some of the manuscripts and gave valuable suggestions to propel this Journal. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all of them.

Abul Barkat, PhD
Editor, Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy;
President, Bangladesh Economic Association

Volume 37Number: 2

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Front Matter

(pp. i-x)

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Fiscal Stimulus in South Asia: Implications for resilience and sustainable development during and after COVID-19 Azreen Karim, Andrew DeWit, Satoka Sugiyama, Rajib Shaw

(pp. 1-19)

DOI No: http:/

Onion Farmers’ Plight and Price Hike of Onion in Bangladesh: A Human Development Crisis in Corona Pandemic Rahinur Bintey Rafique, Tamanna Jesmin

(pp. 21-26)

DOI No: http:/

Economics of Coronavirus: In search of best alternative amid Covid-19 Kazi Muzafar Ahammed

(pp. 27-40)

DOI No: http:/

Covid-19 Pandemic, 4th Industrial Revolution and Human Capital Development Md. Anisur Rahman

(pp. 41-57)

DOI No: http:/

A Study on Work-Family Balance and Mental Health During COVID-19: Bangladeshi Employees Perspective Md. Rahat Khan, Mihir Kumar Roy

(pp. 59-71)

DOI No: http:/

Effects of Covid-19 on Tertiary Education Sector in Bangladesh Mushfek-Ul-Alam Chowdhury, Md. Aynul Islam

(pp. 73-97)

DOI No: http:/

Post-COVID situation of internal returnee migrants in Southwest Bangladesh: A rapid assessment Ferdaus Ara Begum , Md. Tahmid Zami

(pp. 99-105)

DOI No: http:/

COVID-19 Pandemic: Microfinance and Social Sustainability of Grameen Bank Borrowers in South-West Bangladesh Uday Shankar Sarkar, Mihir Kumar Roy

(pp. 117-134)

DOI No: http:/

Life and Culture in COVID-19: A Study of Tipra Community in Rural Comilla Mihir Kumar Roy

(pp. 155-184)

DOI No: http:/

Potential Socio-Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Human Development of Bangladesh Mohammad Nazim Ud Dowlah

(pp. 185-198)

DOI No: http:/

Inequality in Life Expectancy-Acceleration due to COVID-19 Khan A. Matin

(pp. 199-222)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Poultry Sector in Northern Bangladesh Somrita Alam, Md. Abdul Wadud

(pp. 223-238)

DOI No: http:/

Reshaping Bank Leadership and Governance in the Context of New Normal Shah Md. Ahsan Habib, Md. Mostafizur Rahman Sarder

(pp. 239-250)

DOI No: http:/

Economic Impact of Covid-19 on SMEs in Cumilla using Structural Equation Modelling Fahmida Akter Rikta, Md. Mamun Miah, Shapan Chandra Majumder

(pp. 251-272)

DOI No: http:/

A Study on Borrower Behaviour Amid Covid-19 Pandemic In Bangladesh S. M. Abu Zaker

(pp. 273-285)

DOI No: http:/

State of Caregivers, Experimentation and Preparing for the Next One Rezaul Hoque

(pp. 287-294)

DOI No: http:/

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): Contextual Considerations and Areas for Reform to Offset Covid-19 Shock Partha Sarathee Ghosh

(pp. 295-309)

DOI No: http:/

COVID-19 and Higher Education in Bangladesh: A Case for Dual-Mode Education Abul Hasan M. Sadeq, Zahirul Islam Sikder , Mst. Tasqurun Nessa

(pp. 311-322)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Development Nasrin Nahar Papri

(pp. 323-336)

DOI No: http:/

Global economic stagnation due to a worse coronavirus pandemic and massive lockdown, and humanitarian disaster! Shamema Akter

(pp. 337-352)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Human Development- the Case of Bangladesh Rafiqul Islam Talukder

(pp. 353-367)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and Human Development Md Sharfuddin Ahmed

(pp. 369-371)

DOI No: http:/

Socio-economic Impact of COVID-19: Planning and Strategy for the Economic Recovery in Bangladesh Md Abdul Mojid

(pp. 373-378)

DOI No: http:/

Impact of COVID-19 on Bangladesh and path to revive economic growth and development in the context of global changes Mozidur Rahman Biswas

(pp. 379-388)

DOI No: http:/

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